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SCRA 2020
Unit Tests
Topic Simulator


TestBag Topic Wise SCRA EXAM Specific Tests with Topic Simulator - Formative Assessments on each chapter created by teachers / experts- Assimilate your instructor’s teaching or your self study on a topic just after the lecture or self study

TestBag SCRA EXAM Topic Simulator for SCRA EXAM Exam Unit Wise ,Topic Wise and Sub Topic Tests


In Self Assessor, user  builds his / her  your basics by first studying the topic and then creating self tests to identify gap in study and initiate steps to bridge the gap  and then take self tests again in stress free enviroment. Self assessor is typical formative assessment system allowing your creativity to outgrow with no boundaries

But in Topic Simulator the topic wise and unit wise  tests are specific to  SCRA EXAM exam and are created by subject matter experts keeping in view the type, grade and difficulty of questions along with speed required to complete them.  This is also a formative assessment as it is to be completed after studying each topic and unit but is a guided formative assessment with some defined rules

Topic Simulator is available to users at  TestBag Academies and subscribers. 



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