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SCRA Distance Learning - with Flexible Options as you are Busy , Working or at a different location. Finding it difficult to attend classes. 
TestBag  SCRA Distance Learning offer provides Web enabled  self and unit tests , mock tests, digital content and learning assistance in following modes

1. Take online assessments / tests for just Rs 4200/- on fixed price basis.The tests will be topicwise / unit wise  covering topics and subtopics  in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and very similar mock tests section wise and complete tests.

2.Take online assessments / tests on hourly basis. The tests will be  topicwise / unit wise  tests covering topics and subtopics Maths, Physics and Chemistry  and very similar mock tests section wise and complete tests. In addition there you can create tests for Self Assessment from a large Question Bank to cater to your day to day studies to build basics. The minimum cost is Rs 350/- (Usage @ Rs 25 per hour for 10
hours and   Validity @ Rs 50 per month for 2 months).

To resolve any doubts on quality of online tests, we suggest you to click here and register free on cost and take tests on your topics. Be sure before subscribing to our Distance Learning Course to help you prepare for your forthcoming SCRA Exam
You can send us a account payee cheque / draft drawn in favour of RKS Learning Private Limited mentioning you name , address, contact number, email ID and course you wish to avail in the covering letter.


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Mr. Jai Prakash   Mr. Vijay Prakash Singh
Phone No.: +91-11-65151505 Phone No.: +91-11-65151505
Mobile No.: +91-9868386865  Mobile No.:+91-9868386865
Email.: jai@testbag.co.in  Email.: vijay@testbag.co.in

Enjoy Flexibility of Learning without compromising quality through Distance Learning Courses with flexible options

(Kindly note that for online assessments / tests you will require computer with internet connection.)