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SCRA 2020
Offline Assessments

TestBag Offline Assessments for SCRA with OMR Sheets

There are mainly two reasons for students sometimes preferring offline assessment

1. Lack of Infrastructure such as computers and web connectivity
2.As many tests are in paper based mode with or without OMR sheets , many students prefer to give offline tests on paper in proctored environment to have actual feel of the exam

This is possible for summative assessments only. However in case of formative assessments i.e. assessment immediately after a topic or key concept is taught mainly for identifying instruction gaps as a part of assessment for learning

At TestBag we provide following  facilities for Offline Assessments for SCRA Entrance Exam . Total offline tests available for SCRA Entrance Exam are 24. This would be in addition to online ID

16 Section wise mock tests – i.e

1. 4 Mock Tests on General Awareness
2. 4 Mock Tests on English Language
3. 4 Mock Tests on  Reasoning Ability
4. 4 Mock Tests on Maths
5. 4 Mock Tests on physics and Chemistry

8 Complete Mock Tests

Each Mock Tests will be provided  OMR Sheet

Processing and Publishing of Results

Once the test is taken by you, the same is processed at our end . Alternatively you can upload the result on TestBag.com using your own user  ID

Report and Analytics

Once the result is uploaded the system , the system provides detailed analytics

Comparative Study

The Mock Tests taken by you would also be compared with similar mock tests taken by others
Advantages to Institutional Subscribers

There is no need to maintain separate infrastructure for testing . The institute can focus on their core job of teaching and leaving the rest to us .

We shall deliver following

– Maintain questions in the question bank
– Create master question paper using the questions in the question bank
– Generate variants (booklets) of the question paper i.e. shuffled versions of the same master question paper, each associated with a unique

Booklet id.
– Variants to be available in pdf format
– Upload configuration of the OMR sheet to TestBag
– Upload the scanned OMR (containing the student answers) file to TestBag
– TestBag to retrieve appropriate data from the scanned OMR files as per the configuration information.
– Perform analysis of the scanned OMR file to provide indivudual analytics of each user
– The errors (if any) should be displayed.
– Facility to compare results with other candidates nationally, statewise, citywise and organisation wise



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